NAME: Logan Wagner
AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Harrisonville, PA
STARTED RACING: 2008 (sprintcars)
CAREER WINS: 26 feature wins

  • 2022 Port Royal Speedway 410
  • 2021 Port Royal Speedway 410
  • 2020 Port Royal Speedway 410
  • 2019 Port Royal Speedway 410
  • 2018 Port Royal Speedway 410
  • 2013 Traveling Champion 305
  • 2013 Port Royal Speedway 305
  • 2013 Susquehanna Speedway 305
  • 2012 Susquehanna Speedway 305

CURRENT DIVISION: 410 Sprint Series
SEASON GOALS: Race competitively in the 410 sprint car division against the best open-wheel race car drivers in the world.

• Started going to the races when he was 5 months old watching his dad race. Logan started racing dirt bikes when he was 15 and begun racing sprintcars when he turned 17
• Won 7 out of 10 features in 2010. Won the Susquehanna Speedway Track Championship in 2012.
• Broke the record for the most wins in one year with the PA Sprint Series with 12 wins. Recognized as the winningest sprintcar driver in Pennsylvania. Crowned the PA Sprint Series traveling champion. Awarded the Port Royal Speedway track championship. Won the Susquehanna Speedway track championship all in 2013.
• In 2014 Logan raced competitively in the 410 division qualifying for the national rookie of the year along with winning at Lernerville Speedway and racing regularly at Port Royal Speedway with occasional shows at Williams Grove Speedway, Lincoln Speedway and Bedford Speedway.